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Hormone Replacement, Weight Loss & Wellness

Find Your Perfect Chemical Balance

Hormones coordinate and control most of our bodily functions. When they are imbalanced, our bodies notice. That’s where Bioidentical Hormone Replacement can help. Unlike traditional hormone replacement, the hormones we use are chemically identical to the ones found in your body.

For Women

Can improve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, memory loss, weight gain, sleep issues, loss of libido, and even painful intercourse.

For Men

Can alleviate common issues of aging, especially those related to low testosterone (decreased energy, lack of sex drive, irritability, and declining physical health).

Hormone Replacement, Weight Loss & Wellness
Hormone Consult $300

(30 min)

Yearly Hormone Follow-Up $199

(30 min)

Weight Loss Consult $199

(15 min)

MTHFR Genotyping $120

(30 min)

Pellet Placement - Men $600

(30 min)

Pellet Placement - Women $350

(30 min)

Semaglutide Injections $525

(15 min)

Therapeutic Phlebotomy $75

(30 min)

Fat Blast/B-12 Combo Shot $25

(5 min)

Miconutrient $340

(30 min)

IV Drip Therapy
The Aviator Drip $149

Improve altitude sickness, jet-lag or sleep deprivation with this energizing formula! Decadron is the first component in this miracle mix and decreases inflammation and swelling associated with travel while Glutathione eliminates and metabolizes the toxins. L-Carnitine provides the necessary energy boost that is polished off with Taurine to decrease brain fog and bring you back to earth. (40 min)

*Add Trace Minerals for increased immune defense and stable electrolytes.

The Retreat Drip $199

Restore your health, body, and mind with this effective recovery drip! Whether you are recovering from treatments, illness, workouts or just simply life this drip is truly a retreat. Begin this retreat with a relaxing Magnesium drip that soothes the muscles, relaxes and calms the body. Followed with: Glutathione to enhance metabolic and free-radical elimination, Proline for muscle/tissue repair and Taurine to enhance mental acuity and you will leave feeling rejuvenated. (40 min)

*Add Amino Blend for muscle growth following repair.

Glow Drip $149

Enhance your beauty and immunity with this antioxidant drip! Essentially a facial in a bag. Vitamin C with the master-antioxidant, Glutathione, work together to improve pigmentation, immunity, and stimulate anti-aging properties. Biotin included for collagen growth and you'll leave with that healthy glow! (40 min)

*Add Lip C/B12 shot to increase your metabolism and fat-burning potential.

Turn & Burn Drip $149

Boost your fat burning potential while increasing energy to support your lifestyle! If you need that extra boost of energy, this is the ideal drip for you. L-Carnitine, B Complex and B12 enhance energy levels and repair cells for optimal functioning of the mitochondria while calming the nervous system. (40 min)

*Add Tri-Immune shot for immunity, skin, antioxidants, and glow!

Protect & Defend Drip $249

Protect and Defend by stimulating your immune system for long-lasting effects! With 2x Vitamin C and 2x Glutathione your antioxidant power, immunity, and glow is limitless. Taurine, B-Complex, and B12 are included to energize and fully equip your cells to enter the battle. Mineral Blend balances everything off for a fully stacked immune system. (60 min)

After-Party IV Drip $149

Improve hangover symptoms from nausea, headaches to hydration! If you're suffering from PPS (post-party syndrome) then this your cure! Zofran is a powerful anti-nausea medication paired with B-Complex that eliminates the byproducts of alcohol and topped off with Toradol-- think extremely strong and immediate Ibuprofen. You'll leave feel renewed! (40 min)

ALA IV Drip $249

An alpha-lipoic acid IV booster can reduce inflammation, fight the signs of aging and may provide relief to certain kinds of neuropathy. (60 min)

Warrior Goddess Drip $199

Ultimate drip for the beautiful & strong: Enhance your beauty, energy, workouts & recovery. Glutahione + L-Carnitine + Proline + Vitamin C + B-Complex + B12 + Biotin + Glutamine. (40 min)

Empower Drip $125

(40 min)

NAC IV Drip $249

(60 min)

NAD IV Drip Series $1,500

(30 min)

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